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Monthly peace of mind

Retainer Services
Need monthly design services without hiring a full-time designer? Perfect! Read on...
Why choose our retainer services?
  • If you frequently need design services throughout the year, but you don’t want to hire a full-time designer, this service is for you!
  • Avail of discounted rates compared to the normal client hourly rate.
  • Generate peace of mind with a set number of hours for your specified design work per month.
  • Access to professional design services without the overheads of hiring a full-time employee.
How does this service work?

Our retainer service works on a monthly fee, paid upfront at the beginning of each month.

Depending on which retainer package you choose, BrainStorm Media will allot the specified number of hours and prioritise your business’s requested work.

You can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that we are fulfilling your design needs in an affordable and timely manner!

Price Plans
Design Retainer Packages


160 Per Month
  • 5 hours per month
  • 8% discount (approx.)
  • Priority service


315 Per Month
  • 10 hours per month
  • 10% discount (approx.)
  • Priority service


635 Per Month
  • 20 hours per month
  • 15% discount (approx.)
  • Priority service
Design Retainer Details
More Info
  • A 3-month minimum commitment is required. After 3 months, we will re-evaluate to best fit your business’ needs. Going forward, we can upgrade to a 6, 9, or 12-month commitment.
  • Retainer services include a set amount of hours per month.
  • Unused hours will roll into the following month, however, rollover hours expire at the end of the second month.

  • Any hours in addition to those included/rolled over will be billed at the standard hourly rate of €35 per hour.
  • You will receive an invoice on the first of every month. Invoices will include the monthly retainer rate for that month as well as any additional charges from the previous month.
Services included
Which services can be used in the Design Retainer?
  • Print and social media graphics/ads, promotional materials design (business cards, brochure, flyers, banners, etc.), website updates/edits, video production/motion graphics projects.
  • Services do not include 3rd party costs, such as printing, stock photography/video, plugins, etc.
  • Additional services are available and we are more than happy to ducuss!
Let's get started
Next steps?
  • Get in touch: We can arrange a call so that we can hear about your business, products, services, goals, etc., and decide which retainer service package would be the most beneficial.
  • First monthly fee: Once the paperwork and first month’s payment are completed, we can discuss the work for the month ahead and then we’ll get to work!
  • Keep in touch: If possible, all work for the month should be discussed and planned beforehand but you can always call/email with any requirements, queries, changes, etc. We’re flexible!
  • Repeat: We will then repeat this process every three months as necessary.
  • Re-evaluate: After the 3rd month we can then re-evaluate your retainer package and decide if more/fewer hours are needed, etc.
Want to know more?
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